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Klouikloui, rings of fried peanut butter as served in Benin.
African cuisine. Traditionally, the various cuisines of Africa use a combination of locally available fruits, cereal grains and vegetables, as well as milk and meat products, and do not usually get food imported. In some parts of the continent, the traditional diet features a lot of milk, curd and whey products.

Depending on the region, there are also sometimes quite significant differences in the eating and drinking habits and proclivities throughout the continent's vast populations: Central Africa, East Africa, the Horn of Africa, North Africa,Southern Africa and West Africa each have their own distinctive dishes, preparation techniques, and consumption mores.

In this blog it is used for European recipes from countries without their own page!


Kosie - Cowpea/black-eyed bean snack

Makes 15-20

1 cup/225 g cowpeas/black-eyed beans, cooked
1/2-1 onion, finely sliced
1 green chili, or 1 teaspoon chili powder
1 egg
a few onion rings

1. First of all, mash the drained beans in a bowl using a fork.
2. Next add the onion and chili and mix well or blend to make a smooth paste.
3. When this is done, put in the egg, a little water and salt and beat for several minutes until the mixture is frothy.
4. In a heavy pan, heat enough oil to shallow-fry and then place spoonfuls of the mixture in to cook for a few minutes, turning once.
5. Drain and serve with sliced onion rings(cooked or raw), chutney or tomato sauce.
(Category: Starters, Snacks & Soups; Country: Ghana).


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