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Mountain Pot.(Alp Pot).

4 servings.


400 gr flesh
300 gr boned lamb
40 gr butter or margarine
1/2 small head white cabbage
3 yellow onion
1 bay leaf
1 cloves
1 litre broth
500 gr potatoes
2 tbs chopped parsley

Cut the flesh in 2 cm big dices. Cut the white cabbage and onion nicely. Brown the flesh in butter on all sides in a big frying pan, add the white cabbage and onion. Let it all boil together properly, approx 25 minutes. Turn it every now and then in the pot with a ladle. Add bay leaf, clove and the warm broth. Salt and pepper. Put it all in a deep ready for owen pot with lid or double foil over. Put the pot in the owen 20 minutes in 175 degrees. The Potatoes is peeled and cut in dices, which is mixed with flesh and cabbage. Put the pot again in the owen in the same warmth approx 30 minutes. Before serving sprinkle chopped parsley over the main dish. Farmers bread and a cold glass of beer tastes good to it.


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